bold what applies to you


  • i have blonde hair and blue eyes
  • i have red hair and hazel eyes
  • i’m very tall
  • my hair is really curly 
  • i have brown hair and blue or green eyes
  • i have freckles
  • i have black hair and brown eyes
  • i have dimple/s
  • i wear contact lenses 
  • i tan easily
  • i have small eyelashes
  • i paint my nails

clothes / accessory / make-up:

  • i hate wearing flip-flops
  • i don’t have converse
  • i wear foundation every day
  • i have stretch marks / tattoos
  • i love wearing head bands
  • i hate wearing mascara
  • i have at least one pair of vans
  • i hate sweaters
  • i love wearing high heels
  • i own brown eyeliner
  • i love skirts/dresses
  • i own at least 3 pairs of jeans
  • i often wear scarves
  • i never wear necklaces 

family / country:

  • i’m the oldest child
  • i have an older brother
  • i’m from South America 
  • i know how to swear in more than two languages
  • one (or more) of my parents is from another country
  • i have a younger sister
  • i have siblings that live in Asia
  • i’m an orphan
  • i have family that live in Australia
  • i know two or more languages

school / job:

  • i’m in high school 
  • i love history
  • i have/had a teacher that is great at explaining and actually teaching
  • i got fired
  • i know what i want to do in the future
  • i don’t do an extracurricular activity
  • i learn(ed) more than one language
  • i love math
  • i already have a job
  • my grades are almost never excellent/very good
  • i want to go to college/university 
  • i want to be professional athlete / writer / artist

i have:

  • broken a bone
  • ridden a motorcycle
  • a best friend
  • a favorite song
  • sung in the shower
  • punched / slapped somebody
  • told somebody they are pretty
  • my own room 
  • a star crush
  • pets
  • kissed a boy / a girl
  • online best friends
  • spent whole night without sleeping
  • girlfriend / boyfriend

I’m afraid of:

  • insects / snakes
  • people disliking me
  • somebody yelling at me 
  • somebody finding out a secret about me
  • my favorite character dying
  • stormy weather
  • death
  • having to talk in front of people
  • heights
  • pain 
  • kissing somebody
  • small rooms

I love:

  • sci-fi 
  • sleeping until 12pm 
  • fluffy blankets
  • animals
  • swimming / diving
  • watching movies
  • channing tatum
  • pizza
  • hot chocolate
  • running 
  • baking / cooking
  • harry potter 
  • cold showers
  • my hair
  • my wardrobe

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Expression Meme for Hiyoko.

expression meme more like JFC SHAI CAN’T YOU KEEP ONE STYLE AT THE TIME god dammit throws my tablet on the ground and cries at these doodles

anyway it’s better in full size. .

  •  [ x ] full size
  •  [ x ] blank meme
  •  [ x ] translated meme

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(鳳仙花) can be translated as Balsam, but the real meaning of the word is Impatiens balsamina, an Asian flower that is also known as a touch-me-not.


reasons why i never color or paint anymore

"If I died right now, someone would replace me."
Even muttering that, sounds so foolish.

ok i queued like 3 more i’m ok putting here… sorry again„


bai bai hunter ;q;


Some hopefuls I drew in my stream as requested by some people, pla regonize your own OCs because I barely remember anyone.. OTL


Super High-School Level Insomniac, Gotto Bedde-Shai


rhy's original character donut steal (c)


"Naoki, I’m sorry I broke our promise and left."


fun fact: naoki is the only person who has told riko that she’s their friend